Educational, Religious, Hotels and Campus Environments

There’s an increasing risk to campus environments around the world, as violence and particularly gun and explosives violence is seen more and more often throughout our universe. Hate, anger and pure insanity has led individuals and groups to take aim at targets they wish to hurt, silence or diminish. Environments who have had traditionally open-door policies are now faced with how to manage these risks. Colleges and universities face managing student life safety and property management, putting security systems in place to minimize risks and losses. And these systems keep expanding as new risks are discovered. Today, such risks have, and continue, to expand throughout campus environments. Public schools, particularly in the U.S. have seen increasing numbers of violent attacks on students of all ages. Shooters in hotels, at events, and in public places are being observed in countries all over the world. There is an increasing awareness of radicals, splinter groups, and individuals who are willing to take lives of people they judge as inferior or just different to theirs. This is an emerging global risk that needs our attention.

Share your knowledge, experience and concerns with us in securing your open and campus environments.