Consumer Product Focused Cyber Security Test and Certification Program

Introducing Intertek’s Cyber Security Assurance Program: How consumer products are secure and positioned to face new and emerging cyber security requirements from around the globe. Thursday, […]


Talks about how they manage disasters around the US

The Security Executive Council

Publishes the changes in security priorities over the last decade

Cyber Safety for Students

Homeland Security offers safety tips for students

FIPS 140-3 Signed…Now What?

FIPS 140-3 Signed…Now What? Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules

Intertek launches TQA Solutions for 5G

Intertek Launches Total Quality Assurance Solutions for 5G Technology and Devices

Is it time?

Interesting article from the Washington Post today….. A call for a realignment of post 9-11 national-priorities.

Pierce College joins

The Global Life Safety Alliance bringing new resources to the community at large. Join the next generation of emergency management and policy leaders focused on improving […]

New Member Intertek Shares

Content for our readers…. Global Market Access: Understanding NOM-ETL Certification for Mexico Global New Chemicals and Toxic Substances Management for Electrical Products Maintain […]

Meet the President of the Global Life Safety Alliance

Threats to Our Safety and Security  “This generation enjoys unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources . . . And yet this is perhaps the first generation to take the world to the […]