Guide to Hazardous Location Equipment Marking

Intertek Shares…. Our guide to hazardous location equipment marking provides manufacturers and end users a breakdown of equipment markings including International (IECEx), European (ATEX), and North […]

Facility Health Management

 As businesses look to re-open facilities and bring employees back to work while adjusting to a “new normal,” Intertek Protek provides end-to-end health, safety, and wellbeing assurance programs […]

Solutions for a changing world

Intertek shares Solutions for a changing world…. Never before has health, safety and wellbeing been so vital to every aspect of our lives. Whether at work, […]

Inside the Insider Threat

Found to be plotting the mass murder of liberal politicians and cable news hosts, former U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson received a 13-year sentence in […]

Servant Leader? Now’s the Time to Prove It

No one knows. We keep hearing that phrase. No one knows who will catch COVID-19 and when. No one knows who will have a runny nose, […]

How to Plan for Returning to Work – Resource Guide

Companies are preparing to bring employees back to workplaces and reopen offices in the coming weeks and months. In a COVID-anxious world, what will the workplace […]

How are Emergency and Security Systems in the region getting ready to respond to natural disasters in time of COVID-19?

Second Virtual Discussion with Emergency and Security Systems in the region Event date: 5/15/2020 2:00 PM Register to attend today…

Intertek Launches Protek – The World’s First Health, Safety and Wellbeing Assurance Programme for People, Workplaces and Public Spaces

For more information on the World’s First Health and Safety Assurance Program go to–the-worlds-first-health-safety-and-wellbeing-assurance-programme-for-people-workplaces-and-public-spaces-301050686.html To see Intertek’s Video go to

Intertek Shares – Introduction to Regulatory Requirements

Ventilator Production As manufacturers quickly pivot and retool operations to produce medical equipment and supplies, Intertek has mobilized our global workforce and operational capacity to support […]

Coronavirus Puts Systems for International Cooperation to the Test

Can the international community come together to respond to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic? Monday, March 30, 2020  BY: Dr. William J. Long Published […]