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How to practice DIY DE&I 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I or DEI) is an important business initiative of recent years. But a 2021 report by the Society for Human Resource Management, which surveyed 804 human resource professionals, suggests the acronym might more appropriately spell “die.” That’s because “[r]oughly 80% of companies are just going through the motions and not holding themselves accountable” for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Moreover, “Organizations tend to resort to legacy tactics of bias training, diversity recruiting, and programs that sometimes backfire and contribute to more division than unity,” the report found.

Time to get versed in the Metaverse

In the future, we might barely remember life before the metaverse — just like we sometimes struggle to recall the days before PCs or Wi-Fi. The metaverse may change everything we know about the cyber universe, but the security profession doesn’t quite know what to make of it.

If you’re still unclear on the topic — and many security leaders are — the metaverse is the next, more immersive iteration of the internet. Today’s web is made up of memes, blogs and Zoom. Tomorrow’s version of the web is a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D computing, where users might inhabit their own avatars and interact in a simulated version of reality. Platforms such as Second Life, Roblox and Minecraft are steps in that direction, but the full-fledged metaverse promises to be much more encompassing.

What Would Zelensky Do?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has galvanized the public in a way the world hasn’t seen since Winston Churchill — let’s look at what leadership lessons Zelensky offers security executives.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has galvanized the public in a way the world hasn’t seen since Winston Churchill. The comedian turned world leader is being lauded for his leadership by standing up to his Russian neighbor and valiantly joining his compatriots to fight off the Kremlin’s brutal invasion of his country.

Let’s look at what Zelenskyy’s example offers security leaders.

Meet the New Executive Management of the Global Life Safety Alliance.

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Meet the New Officers of the Global Life Safety Alliance

The Board of Directors of the Global Life Safety Alliance  ( has approved a new slate of officers:

President, Michael Gips

Vice President, George Strom

Treasurer, George Bish

The GLSA thanks Julio Fumagalli Macrae, our recent past president, for his contributions to the alliance from its time of inception to present.  Julio is the President of IRIS – Instituto Rector de la Industria dela Seguridad.  He works and lives in Argentina, and he has accepted the position  of GLSA’s Director of Education moving forward.  Julio brings a wide-ranging professional experience, and strong team approach that benefits his clients and partners in the United States, Canada, Argentina and elsewhere in South America.

Julio has enhanced organizational effectiveness, led change initiatives, and developed creative solutions and strategies for his clients.  He has led inter-cultural environmental initiatives with a style and vision that integrates global, regional, and local issues.

The new GLSA President is Michael Gips

Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE, is a security professional, attorney, writer, and business executive. He is the principal of Global Insights in Professional Security, where he consults for security executives and security firms alike. 

Previously he served as the Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer for ASIS International, where he oversaw Learning, Content, Certification, Standards & Guidelines, Production, and other departments. He developed the CSO Roundtable (now CSO Center) as a membership group within ASIS. He also served as editor and publisher of Security Management, where he authored hundreds of articles.

Mike is also a senior advisor for Cardinal Point Strategies, a senior advisor for the Network Contagion Research Institute, and a Partner in the Knowledgebase of Insider Threats. He is also an associate with the Netherlands-based insider risk firm Signpost Six and serves on the advisory boards of several organizations.

Among his many research publications are papers and reports on ESRM (2010), the security sector (2012, 2014), convergence (2019), blockchain (2020), business continuity and Covid (2021), and a forthcoming article on security professionalization co-authored with Dr. Alison Wakefield (2022).

Mike writes a monthly leadership column for Security magazine and regularly contributes to Security Management, International Security Journal, and other publications. He frequently presents on security and legal topics at conferences and webinars, on topics such as disinformation, insider threat, trends in access control, and security skill sets.

Mike has received many commendations, including Outstanding U.S. Security Consultant (OSPAs, 2022), sixth most influential security thought leader (IFSEC, 2021), and one of the most influential people in security (Security magazine, 2019). He has received more than a dozen awards for his writing.

Mike heads the security committee for a large house of worship. He is on the committee that is updating ASIS’s CSO standard, and he previously helped develop ASIS’s ESRM guideline. He also mentors many young professionals.

A graduate of Tufts University (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude) and Harvard Law School, Mike also has obtained security certificates from R.L. Oatman & Associates (2006), Wharton (2015), Tel Aviv University International (2016), and IE Business School (2017).

George Strom; is our new GLSA Vice President

George Strom is Business Development Director of IOT at Intertek, a FTSE 100 Company.  George has worked with alarms, detectors, controls, or personal protective equipment and manufacturers globally to help them meet all their assurance, testing, inspection, and certification needs.   

George’s 25+ years in the Quality Assurance & Safety arena bring insight into the unique challenges of launching a product in today’s Connected World.   

Prior to Intertek, George worked in Sales and Marketing within the Computer & Office Automation Industry.  He is a proud alumnus of U-Mass Lowell and lives in the Greater Boston Area.

George Bish; is now the GLSA Treasurer

George is the vice president of Ring Protect, a division of Amazon.  George is a NICET Level IV and Licensed Security Qualified Agent, in VA, NC, SC, TN, AL, GA, TX, FL, WA, AK, MS, and Licensed Electrical in NC, GA, MD, and WA, ESA National Training School Senior Instructor (NTS), Virginia Certified Instructor, Texas Certified Instructor.

He is an active professional sitting on SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board and a member from 2019 to present, on the NFPA 72 Chapter 29 Household from 2018 to present, NFPA 70 Technical Committee Panel member 2008 to present, NFPA 730/731 Technical Committee member 2007 to present, on the ESA Standards & Fire Committee member, ESA By-Laws Committee member, ESA Education Committee member, Security Industry Standards Council Committee member, Past Treasurer and Executive Committee member of ESA, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of NCBFAA.

George has received the 2016 SBCA Presidents Award, 2015 ESA Sara E Jackson Award, 2000 NCBFAA Special Instructor’s Award, 1997 NCBFAA Person of the Year, 1996 NCBFAA President’s Award, 1996 NCBFAA Outstanding Service in Continuing Education Award, and the 1995 NCBFAA President’s Award.

The Global Life Safety Alliance is an educationally based alliance, focused on leadership, executive and business management, shared global risks, practices, policies and standards of operations around the globe.  The Alliance represents a combination of security experts and professionals from the many different divisions of Life Safety Industry, such as international and national corporations, publishers, associations, thought leaders and knowledgeable professionals.  

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Jack O’Brien a Founding Member of the Global Life Safety Alliance and a long time member of the Security Industry, recently passed passed away unexpectedly after a short illness.

Jack is already missed by us here at the alliance. His decades of industry experience, bright mind and overall knowledge added great value to our team. Jack was the first Vice President of the Alliance, taking on the task of the COO for the past year or more and was the acting COO at the time of his passing.

Jack had extensive experience as a contact-center executive in the electronic security industry with demonstrated expertise in new business growth, P&L management, development of cross-functional teams, and leadership of large groups of employees, in fast-paced environments. He played a leadership role in launching and managing major initiatives, facilitated business growth through sales of major regional and national accounts, new call center start-up, acquisitions, facilities consolidation, ISO 9000 implementation, Dept. of Defense and Underwriters Laboratories listing.

With over 35 plus years of experience with high profile companies in successfully running large, 24 by 7, call center operations in geographically diverse locations.

Jack was the;

Chief Operating Officer, Ackerman Security

Vice President , Security Networks (Marlin Central)

Director, North American Services for Siemens Building Services

Director, SecurityLink from Ameritech

Director, Rollins Protective Services

Director, Rollins Protective Services

General Manager, ADT Fire & Security

General Manager, Wells Fargo Alarm Services

Jack leaves behind his wife and young twins, among his extended family and friends around the world, and throughout the industry.

For more information contact

Are You Ready for International Expansion?

The rapid explosion of technology and communications systems has made our world smaller, more accessible, and has opened markets that did not exist even 10 years ago. Today more than ever, we think globally and are impacted by transactions taking place on other continents and in other countries which were not considered viable, or even practical.

Markets and opportunities have become available, and many organizations have taken advantage of this explosion to establish a foreign presence and capture market share.

Up until recently it has only been the larger organizations that took advantage of these opportunities; however, with technology and communication networks now available to mid-size and smaller organizations, all companies now have opportunity to enter foreign markets. Is your integration firm ready to expand?

This article was written by Peter Raymond, a founding member of the Global Life Safety Alliance, to subscribe to receive posts from this alliance,

Exclusive: The value of continuous learning for a security professional

In his classic book Future Shock, noted futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. ”His prognostication has been born out.

Trends in Threats, Training and Terrorism

John Philippi, CPP, PSP, joins SM Highlights podcast host Chuck Harold to discuss the growing phenomenon of flash robbery in retail stores and how it connects to organized retail crime. Also in this episode, sponsored by HID Global, learn how Michael Gips, CPP, and his synagogue security committee adjusted security training following a hostage incident in Texas, and Joshua Sinai explores the threat of edged weapon attacks worldwide.

Learn more about episode sponsor HID Global here:

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Leadership lessons across generations

Paul Goldenberg, who has been in the security and police community for decades, remembers the moment in early November last year during a global law enforcement exchange mission on transnational security involving senior members of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “As I sat across the table from several deputy commissioners, none of whom I recognized, they looked at me and said, ‘Oh, Goldenberg, we know that name.’” He wasn’t surprised because he is well known in international law enforcement. Then one of the deputies said, “‘Yes, we know Alex Goldenberg, we have read a lot of material by him.’”

Top 15 cybersecurity predictions for 2022

Over the past several years, cybersecurity risk management has become top of mind for boards. And rightly so. Given the onslaught of ransomware attacks and data breaches that organizations experienced in recent years, board members have increasingly realized how vulnerable they are. 

This year, in particular, the public was directly impacted by ransomware attacks, from gasoline shortages, to meat supply, and even worse, hospitals and patients that rely on life-saving systems. The attacks reflected the continued expansion of cyber-physical systems — all of which present new challenges for organizations and opportunities for threat actors to exploit.

Read about the top 15 risks facing the security industry in 2022