By Michael Gips, CPP, principal, Global Insights in Professional Security

The COVID-19 pandemic may well be the most consequential phenomenon that the security profession has had to deal with. One slice of that consequence, albeit a big slice—has come in the form of increased insider incidents and threats. Having presented last month on a GSX panel on that topic, I offer some context and recommendations.

Let’s look first at what COVID hath wrought. Phase 1 covers the first few months after the pandemic set in. I call it “The Great Dislocation.” This phase was characterized by (1) rapid transition to work-from-home, (2) quick dispatch (or purchase) of devices that may not have been updated or configured correctly to (3) workers who were not used to using network resources from home and (4) had little security training. This resulted in (5) basic security protocols being ignored. Capping it off, (6) security was bombarded with new duties, including health screening, access control, and social-distance monitoring.

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