Month: December 2021

Learn about – Countering disinformation: An essential new role for CSOs

As if the challenges of safeguarding public health, national security, infrastructure, personnel and cyber and physical assets during a global pandemic were not enough, security professionals now must manage another form of contagion of perhaps graver long-term concern: a pandemic of viral mis-and disinformation that challenges the stability and future of businesses and economies themselves.

A modest proposal” for Leadership as a Service

By now, Security as a Service (SECaaS) is well-entrenched, and its benefits have been documented over time. Typically subscription-based, SECaaS provides greater expertise, avoids heavy up-front costs, shifts maintenance to the provider, includes regular updates and upgrades, outsources administrative tasks and offers a web interface for a holistic look at security activities. SECaaS has been so successful that it has spawned offshoots such as Access Control as a Service, Video Surveillance as a Service, Network Security as a Service, and Business Continuity as a Service.

So isn’t it time for Leadership as a Service (LaaS)?

Opinion: Astroworld concert tragedy is a wake-up call for private security. Here’s why.

From the San Diego Union Tribune 11/22/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to private security officers being tasked as quasi-medical workers: social-distance and mask-compliance enforcers, contact tracers and temperature takers. They already serve as first responders at local schools, malls, stadiums and business districts. Yet vast numbers lack critical skills, training and background checks.