The “Electronic Insider Threat”: Managing Cyber Security Risks in Life Safety and Security Systems

Join Our Experts as They Detail Cyber Security Threats and Mitigation Measures for Life Safety Systems

Though they are designed to provide protection, IP-based security and life safety systems are, like any other connected devices, inherently vulnerable. From using default passwords, to employing brute force attacks, to spoofing wireless networks, hackers have accessed hundreds of home and commercial alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related systems. Some hackers have hijacked unpatched access control systems and commandeered them to commit Distributed Denial of Service attacks to crash company websites or networks. Consequences for businesses include regulatory penalties, civil liability, loss of business, and diminution of brand.

This webinar, presented by Intertek on behalf of the Global Life Safety Alliance (GLSA), will discuss the growth of Connected Products in both the residential and commercial marketplace and the continuous need to protect your organization and your Connected Devices. You will get expert practical advice on how to ensure that your own security technology is not turned against you.

Join our experts to learn about the risks and security standards in today’s marketplace to ensure consumer safety, reduce product vulnerabilities, and build brand credibility. If the link in the previous sentence does not work, please copy and paste this link below into your browser to access this webinar.

About Our Presenters and GLSA Members are

George Strom

George Strom is Business Development Director of IOT at Intertek, a FTSE 100 Company. George has worked with medical device manufacturers around the world to help them meet all of their assurance, testing, inspection, and certification needs. George’s 20+ years in the Quality Assurance & Safety arena bring insight into the unique challenges of launching a product in today’s Connected World.

Mike Gips

Michael Gips, CPP, CSyP, CAE, is the principal of Global Insights in Professional Security, LLC, a firm that helps security providers assert thought leadership and heighten brand awareness in a crowded marketplace. It conducts research and prepares reports and presentations on security topics, and it builds and harnesses an encyclopedic library of security incidents for planning and training purposes on behalf of corporations and government agencies.