Month: September 2021

See Mike Gips at the Global Security Exchange (GSX)

Monday Sept 27-11:30 AM-Covid-19 Reshaped the Insider Threat Problem.  Have you Reshaped your Solutions?

Monday Sept 27-2:00 PM-Political Extremism and Insider Threat Early Warning.

Mike is the Principal at Global Insights in Professional Security and a Board Member of Global Life Safety Alliance. Mike is an industry expert, having been the editor and then publisher of Security Management Magazine. He also has a law degree, and has been a leading voice in the industry for decades.

Providing Insight and Inspiration

An exclusive interview with Mike Gips, Principle of Global Insights on Professional Security.

Gips began as a lawyer in New Jersey, USA before becoming the ASIS International publication, Security Management magazine. He learned security from the ground up in this role and later as publisher of the magazine before launching his own consultancy, in 2019, Global Insights in Professional Security.

International Security Journal sat down with Gips to find out some of the key lessons he has learned in his time in security, and how he thinks the global landscape will develop over the next 12 months.

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Leadership when you work alone

Many security practitioners don’t lead a team. They may not even be part of a team. Individual security consultants, academics, thought leaders, small-business owners, researchers, coders, pentesters and countless others in our field may work in solitary conditions. Yet, leadership abilities for isolated workers can be as important as they are for someone who runs a large corporate security department or guard force.

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