Month: June 2021

2021 Guide To North American Product Testing & Certification

Learn how you can demonstrate compliance with North American product certification requirements and speed up your time to market. Our white paper, “2021 Guide To North American Product Testing & Certification”, will give you critical information on:

  • OSHA and NRTL program in the US
  • Product Marking
  • Field Labeling and Limited Production Certifications
  • Certification for Canada and Mexico
  • Process for ETL Certification
  • Counterfeit Marks
  • And more

Friends of Chuck….

The Battle of Security Certification. See the poll results of which certifications wins.

When good leaders are poor practitioners

Here’s an embarrassing admission: I’m a lifelong Jets fan. If you need proof that the organization is considered a laughingstock, a 2019 article in Inc. magazine is titled, “Want to Be a Great Leader? Look to the New York Jets—and Then Do the Opposite.”

Yet many fans and teammates tout the leadership abilities of quarterback Sam Darnold. Jet fans were torn about keeping him until, shortly before this article went to press, he was traded to the Carolina Panthers for three draft picks. There were strong arguments for keeping him, though. He addresses the media, win or lose. He commands the huddle, encourages and exhorts players on the sideline, and plays with confidence. Read on below2

Putting your faith in Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

With enterprise security risk management, organizations should consider the risks versus potential impact to dictate when and how often they assess risk. What does that mean for your organization? Read more