Securing the perimeter

When it comes to perimeter security, strong upfront planning and swift real-time reactions supported by technology can go a long way in helping an enterprise secure its outermost layer.

Tough Mudder races draw thousands of participants for events that combine stamina and endurance. For the participants, challenges include live electricity, ice water and, of course, lots of mud. For the organizers, the challenge lies in keeping the perimeter secure.

“These events are largely in rural environments, often an hour or two hours outside a major metropolitan area…typically on a piece of property that is not designed for hosting events – a farm, a dirt bike track, a gravel mine,” shares CEO Kyle McLaughlin. The myriad risks include “everything from nonpaying customers to securing for theft, securing for trespass, or even securing from wild animals — deer and cattle to bears and coyotes.”

McLaughlin isn’t alone. Perimeter security is a major concern for security-focused professionals across a range of industries.

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