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Ensuring continuity of market access for your products and services to the UK and European markets in 2021 and beyond

January 2021: The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020. The UK Government and the European Commission agreed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) enabling tariff free passage of goods. New economic markets were created with their own regulatory conformity frameworks – which will have an impact on product conformity assessment, product marking and market access.

This means:

  • For market access to Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland): The UK Government will continue to recognise the CE Mark for existing products placed onto the GB market until 1 January 2022, and any new products from 1 January 2021 require the new UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Mark issued by a UK Approved Body for goods placed on the market in Great Britain. The UKCA marking covers most goods which were previously subject to the CE marking. The UKCA mark cannot be used for goods placed on the EU or NI market.
  • For market access to Europe (including Northern Ireland): The EU will continue to require products to be CE marked to gain entry for sale in mainland Europe, on the basis that the mark is issued by an EU-based Notified Body.
  • For market access to Northern Ireland: If businesses are using a UK Body to conduct mandatory third-party conformity assessment, they will need to apply the UKNI marking from 1 January 2021. UKNI marking cannot be applied on its own – it always accompanies an EU conformity marking, such as the CE marking.

How Intertek can support you today to gain market access to the EU, Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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How do you keep track of ever-changing regulatory standards and Codes

 There are different versions, publication dates, effective dates, and, of course, all the changes to note from one version to another. Intertek’s new Standards Reference Guide for Life Safety and Security Products is a great way to stay on top of the 40+ standards for the United States and Canada.
 Our team assembled this guide based on experience and interaction with a wide range of Standards Technical Panels and committees. When an electrical safety standard is updated, our Chief Engineers assemble a Standard Update Notice (SUN) with all the critical information our customers need to know. Those SUN documents are linked to this reference guide.

Download your free copy today!

The UK Has Exited the EU (Brexit): Impact to Conformity Assessment

Intertek understands the complexity of the many changes caused by Brexit and the impact on importers and exporters to UK and EU markets. The UK formally left the EU Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020.

Our Market Update White Paper and webinar provide guidance on the latest changes, the UKCA and UK(NI) marks, certificate transfers, the impact to other certification schemes, and more.


Brexit impacts product conformity assessment, product marking, and market access. Intertek can support customers with bespoke transition plans to help you minimize risk and ensure continuity of market access.

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Securing the perimeter

When it comes to perimeter security, strong upfront planning and swift real-time reactions supported by technology can go a long way in helping an enterprise secure its outermost layer.

Tough Mudder races draw thousands of participants for events that combine stamina and endurance. For the participants, challenges include live electricity, ice water and, of course, lots of mud. For the organizers, the challenge lies in keeping the perimeter secure.

“These events are largely in rural environments, often an hour or two hours outside a major metropolitan area…typically on a piece of property that is not designed for hosting events – a farm, a dirt bike track, a gravel mine,” shares CEO Kyle McLaughlin. The myriad risks include “everything from nonpaying customers to securing for theft, securing for trespass, or even securing from wild animals — deer and cattle to bears and coyotes.”

McLaughlin isn’t alone. Perimeter security is a major concern for security-focused professionals across a range of industries.

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Humor in leadership? Funny you should ask …

Sometimes it’s better to disarm than to arm. Put another way, humor can be both a powerful leadership and tactical tool for security. Humor is tricky business in the security world, however. Briefing staff on warning signs of workplace violence, precursors of terrorist attacks, contingency plans for natural disasters, and methods of corporate espionage doesn’t exactly lend themselves to one-liners. Dealing with most security incidents isn’t a laughing matter. Moreover, a security professional who cracks jokes, or even shows a lighter side on the job, risks being viewed as unprofessional.


No one knows what to make of ESRM. The Enterprise Security Risk Management philosophy had been lurking on the periphery of mainstream security practice since the early 2000s, when ASIS International, ISACA and ISSA created the Alliance for Enterprise Risk Management. That group generated a few reports then fizzled out.

ASIS picked up the mantle again several years later, when the CSO Roundtable (now CSO Center) published a white paper and survey results on the topic. Some thought leaders published articles on ESRM and a book even emerged. Still, it didn’t stick.

In the summer of 2016, ASIS took its boldest step yet, forming a Presidential Commission that created the apparatus for embedding ESRM into ASIS’s standards and guidelines, programming, content and, eventually, certification. (Full disclosure: I was the ASIS staff officer responsible for ESRM.)

Among ASIS’s accomplishments since that time was the creation of an ESRM guideline. Outside the walls of ASIS, Brian Allen and Rachelle Loyear addressed the dearth of ESRM literature by publishing an extensive overview of the topic as well as a hands-on practitioners guide. And a group of ESRM pioneers and stalwarts stood up a small association called the Global Security Risk Management Alliance.

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The role of security consultancy: thinking about the ‘new normal’

Security consultancy plays an important role in generating improved performance; an essential role in filling gaps in organizational knowledge; and a key role in adding to corporate expertise. Yet, while Covid-19 has changed the security landscape focus on the role of consultants has remained under the radar. Are opportunities increasing, decreasing or remaining stable? How has working from home altered opportunities and/or ways of working

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