Month: February 2021

Looking Beyond Niches, Silos and Egos…

Insider Threats to Government Contractors and Other Businesses

Listen to a discussion on insider threats, with expert, Robert Benn DOD hosted by Mike Gips.

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Don’t touch that clicker! Part II

Lessons are best learned when we don’t expect them. When someone proselytizes us or pontificates, our defenses go up. Therefore, the best time to influence someone is when their guard is down. That’s why good ads can have a profound impact — we expect them to be mindless at best, annoying at worst, and most of them are either or both. But some are transformational and enduring.

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Global Insights in Professional Security

In this episode of Global Insights in Professional Security, host Mike Gips sits down with Suzanna Alsayed, CEO of Evolutz.

A Discussion on Security Branding – It’s importance, it’s challenges and opportunities.

During their conversation Mike and Suzanna discuss: • Why branding is important • Putting your best foot forward • Handling negativity • The role of social media • Other key elements of branding • Identifying and staying true to your brand • Resources to get started

“Global Insights in Professional Security” is a rollicking but intelligent and nuanced discussion of trends, ideas, issues, concepts, and events in the wide world of professional security hosted by Michael Gips.

How Can Security Address Today’s Insider Threat?