Month: January 2021

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM); the Holy Grail or a concept found wanting?

Tuesday 19th January at 15:30 GMT

Thought Leadership Webinar

There can be few concepts or frameworks that have received so much coverage as ESRM. It draws upon a range of established good practices and is sometimes presented as an unqualified good bringing together the best learnings from many approaches to security. Yet, not all organizations adopt it. After all, the concept of the business owning the risk appears good, but at what point does that go too far? Does ESRM really amount to security ‘passing the buck’, isn’t security supposed to be in charge? Does ESRM dilute security expertise? Is ESRM really just a fancy name for convergence? In this webinar we revisit the value of ESRM. The webinar will discuss:

  • What are the proven benefits of ESRM?
  • What are the drawbacks of ESRM?
  • What are the barriers to implementing it?

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Rachelle Loyear – VP, Integrated Security Solutions at G4S (US)
Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE – Principal at Global Insights in Professional Security (GIPS) (US)
Ilya Umanskiy – Director, Resilience Practice at Current Consulting Group (Hong Kong)