Month: November 2020

Beyond a Cataclysmic 2020: Security’s New Opportunities to Address Workplace Risk


What does the cataclysmic 2020 mean for corporate security professionals?

COVID-19. Historic unemployment. Industries devastated. Civil unrest. All marked the surreal year 2020 and presented enormous challenges to the security profession to create pandemic response plans and strategies that protect the workforce, workplace, information and assets. This time will pass or evolve, as every crisis does. But what does this year mean as we move into 2021 and beyond?

Download the white paper: Beyond a Cataclysmic 2020: Security’s New Opportunities to Address Workforce and Workplace Risk to explore opportunities for the security profession to move forward as the world crawls out of the wreckage of 2020

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FEMA Offers a National Risk Index

Discover the landscape of Natural Hazards Risks throughout the United States

Digital Security & Data Protection in a Pandemic

Global Insights in Professional Security

Learn about AI or Artificial Intelligence in security

How NMSU Enabled a Safe Return to Campus: Interview With Chief of Police Stephen Lopez

Stephen Lopez is the Chief of Police at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, which has about 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty across several campuses. Chief Lopez has been a police officer for 32 years, and also served as adjunct faculty at NMSU for 14 years, teaching in the Public Health Sciences and Criminal Justice Departments as a College Assistant Professor. In this interview with Swiftlane, Chief Lopez discusses how the NMSU team was able to reopen campus safely, what the biggest physical security and access control challenges have been, and how they plan to keep students and faculty safe in the months ahead.

Don’t Miss The Beginning of Today’s Seminar LAC ASIS Security Tour 2020

It is an event created to promote the culture of safety and participation of all chapters of Groups 7 and 8 of ASIS International through conferences and panels, sharing local experiences with results that can be replicated in any of the countries.

Its main objective is to raise resources for the ASIS Foundation and continue supporting the professionalization of the sector.

Each category of this event will be presented weekly, for the next coming four weeks.

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