Thought Leadership Webinar

Thursday the 3rd of September

On Thursday September 3rd, we will broadcast our 50th Security Thought Leadership webinar. We never imagined how popular these were to become.  We have covered dynamic issues throughout, courting controversy and critiquing what is wrong with security today to generate a better type of security in the future; all are webinars are free to attend.

The role of security associations: A failed resource or a fundamental catalyst for positive change?
Security associations have been both maligned and praised for their roles during the pandemic and we will be examining both these views.  Please do join us for this session; it starts at 3.30pm BST, lasts for 60 minutes and includes Peter O’Neil from ASIS International, Liz Chamberlain from International Security Management Association (ISMA), Julio Fumagalli Macrae, CPP from and Guy Mathias of the UK Security Commonwealth.

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