The rising profile of the Corporate Security Executive

This blog post was written by Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE, and principal of Global Insights in Professional Security; and A.J. Cook, who is responsible for sales and go-to-market strategy at Endera.

Leaders are forged in times of crisis. So, it’s not surprising that a rare confluence of events that includes the current pandemic and recent social unrest has given organizations’ Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and security executives an opportunity to exercise even greater leadership and mission-critical influence during these historically trying times.

The economic fallout of the global pandemic, as well as the seismic rifts widening in our civil and political discourse, highlights the increasing importance of the security department. This period of heightened tension calls upon security professionals’ skills to deescalate tensions and exhibit empathy but also to protect staff, supply chains, and information.

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