Security and the “New Abnormal”: Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

Thomson Reuters is hosting this webinar in partnership with Endera

The confluence of a global pandemic, economic challenges and civil unrest, has redefined the world of workforce and workplace risk. Beyond operational issues such as work at home protocols and social distancing at the office, how is this “new abnormal” changing the chief security function? How has the role of the chief security officer shifted? Why have some CSOs grown in prominence and authority in their organizations while others have been downsized?

In this hour-long webinar, we will discuss:

  • What the new operational challenges are, and how to overcome them 
  • What your team can do to protect your brand, reputation, people and customers with the same or limited resources 
  • How successful CSOs have expanded their duties and strengthened their influence among business executives and the board 
  • How budget restraints can cause additional risks when on-boarding or hiring vendors and employees when business resumes 

The speakers are:

David Aflalo
CPP, SVP of Global Security and Facilities
GM Financial

Scott Bethel
BGen, USAF, Founder and CEO
Integrity ISR

Robin DeProspero-Philpot
Former Chief
United States Secret Service Security Management Division

Michael Gips
Principal of Global Insights
Professional Security, LLC

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