The Future of Access Control

At Swiftlane, we are constantly thinking about the future of access control. A huge shift in the industry is coming due to the need for touchless access systems, remote first management, and use of privacy-first face recognition-based access. Here’s how we view the future of access control.

For such a basic concept, access control has a way of abruptly adjusting to business and societal trends and events. Round the clock production and 24/7 operations ushered in time- and zone-based access control. The Oklahoma City bombing turned attention to standoff distance. 9/11 made x-rays and magnetometers standard at high-security sites. The Information Age brought access control to the virtual world, including cloud-based and SaaS models, and adding sophisticated analytics. The invention and ubiquity of the smartphone has made that tool into a de facto user credential.

Now comes Covid-19 to harken yet another shift, likely to touchless systems.

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