Servant Leader? Now’s the Time to Prove It

No one knows.

We keep hearing that phrase. No one knows who will catch COVID-19 and when. No one knows who will have a runny nose, who will be hospitalized, who will die. No one knows whether the virus is seasonal. No one knows whether the world can ramp up production of ventilators, masks and medicines, or exactly how resilient the supply chain will turn out to be.

At least those were the unfathomables as of the end of March, when this piece was written. Chances are, new unknowns have arisen. In late March, most of the world was watching Italy in horror. We were fretting over mounting case totals and deaths, social distancing, mandatory lockdowns, cabin fever, fastidious hygiene rituals, disruption to our work and businesses, the rollercoaster stock market and scarce toilet paper. What we thought was an already dynamic world, with its 24-hour news cycle, has gone into hyperdrive, with torrents of competing information bombarding us from every angle.

But as security professionals, it is up to us, along with politicians, business leaders, healthcare workers and public safety officers, to truly inhabit the leadership titles we have bestowed on ourselves: servant leader, collaborative leader, empathic leader, agile leader, authentic leader, transformative leader.

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