The Global Life Safety Alliance Hosted a special event

The Global Life Safety Alliance and Club del Progreso, hosted a special event at the Diego de Alvear, Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 11, 2019 to honor the accomplishments of the National Security Ministry.

Club del Progeso is the oldest security organization of its kind and is attended not only by security organizations but both political and non-political groups, as well as international public safety groups.

In attendance was Patricia Bullrich, the National Security Minister, NPS Global Foundation director, the president of Electronic Security Chamber, CEMARA, authorities from the National Ministry of Security, Civil Society Organizations representatives, security professionals, Argentina’s Security Magazine as well as well as the general public.

Mr. Robert Suttini, United States Liaison Director to Argentina’s Inter-Organizational Office, delivered an executive summary of the National Security Ministry achievements on organized crime, narcotics trafficking and combatting terrorism.  Mr. Suttini expressed his respect and thanks on behalf of the US State Department, The FBI and The DEA from USA for sharing information for his presentation.

Julio A. Fumagalli Macrae, CPP, and the president of the Global Life & Safety Alliance was introduced by Mr. Suttini.  Mr. Macrae presented Patricia Bullrich, The National Security Minister with a Certificate of Achievement and recognition of her organization’s many accomplishments.

Ms. Bullrich, The National Security Minister thanked both institutions, and provided an executive summary of the work completed thus far, and the challenges which the newly elected National Authorities will need to support and enhance to keep and improving the National Security of Argentina.