Meet the President of the Global Life Safety Alliance

Threats to Our Safety and Security 

Julio A. Fumagalli Macrae

“This generation enjoys unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources . . . And yet this is perhaps the first generation to take the world to the brink of a [political, economic, and environmental] systems breakdown.” —The Global Risks Report 2018, World Economic Forum.

In the global world we live in, there are new threats that impact our daily life and operations. Unexpected scenarios may arise suddenly creating chaos, damage, death and terror.

Life Protection and Human Security is everybody’s responsibility and requires that we all work together. It’s a worldwide challenge

Collaborative work is a critical factor for Security. Public and Private Sectors are challenged to work together to provide practical solutions for the nations’ wellbeing.

An additional threat is Climate Change, which affects us all and generates a great increment in the damage cause by Natural disasters. This challenges both governments and citizens all over the world.

We must develop new strategies to fight against these catastrophes, prevent them in the future and mitigate them effectively. 

What can we do to contribute together to make a safer world for the present and the future?

Global Life and Security Alliance is committed to establishing conversations with public and private stakeholders to build bridges for more effective collaborative work.

We look forward to your partnership in this important endeavor!